I know everyone has been saying it on here...but, Paul & Protech Data Recovery are truly amazing. I first tried going to Best Buy where I bought my Seagate external hard drive, and after an extremely cursory examination, they informed me it would cost nearly $1,500 to recover the data - if they could recover anything at all! Which was out of the question for me.

I then found Protech Data Recovery online, spoke with a data recovery technical directly. I felt very comfortable with the conversation and Paul’s knowledge so I filled out their online form and shipped my drive to them. Paul called me (3) days later, after the initial diagnostic exam, assured me they were 99% sure they could recover everything. Everything!!! It doesn't get much better than a company that doesn't charge you for the initial diagnostics. If they can't recover your information, you don't pay anything!

In the end, the price I paid to recover my hard drive was extremely reasonable, Paul was the best and such a professional, and I really felt like my information was in good hands with Protech Data Recovery. I plan on recommending them to every single friend I have that - like me - is an idiot and doesn't back up her information.

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