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Whether it’s business or personal data loss… We can help.

Apple’s Macintosh computers have rapidly gained popularity over the past decade, with their adoption of using Intel processors.

Despite the high build quality of Apple computer systems, they still succumb to the same degree of hard drive failure as their PC counterparts.

Many of our clients use Mac and iOS devices to store documents, music, emails, and other important files. While many Apple devices have built-in safeguards against data loss, no computer manufacturer can offer 100% protection.

Mac hard drive data recovery is not like PC data recovery. Protech Data Recovery specialize in Apple and Mac data recovery. Recovering means much more than just getting your data back. It means getting your data back quickly, in its native format, all at a fair price.

Chances are, whatever the issue is with your Apple product, we have seen it before. With over a 90% success rate, if we can’t recover your data… you don’t pay!

Solutions for all your Apple and Mac Products – Mac Data Recovery.

Both Mac and PC are both known to have problems regarding data loss. It can be due to many reasons as to why data loss occurs from a hard drive-dropped hard disc, water or fire damage, or any other problems. These conditions require you to employ the services of a data recovery expert. Sometimes data recovery is essential when the data is deleted or if the data or drive is not accessible. There is also a possibility of data loss due to a virus attack, which can be recovered by a skilled data recovery technician.

The engineers at Protech Data Recovery are adept at Mac data recovery. They are well trained and can handle any type of data loss. They give personalized attention to the customer and walk them through the recovery process. Our technicians are friendly and can complete the task well within a specified time frame, which is one of the main reasons for our high success rate. They provide a free diagnosis and will provide complete information about the reason for data loss and the amount of data that can be salvaged from the defective disc.

Of the many reasons for data loss, one of the main reasons remains to be when the disc can’t be accessed or when the device is not recognized. This occurs during a virus attack. Our technicians will not only recover the data from your Mac device, but will also clean the device of any virus or other technical glitches. They can perform a safe data recovery from NTFS based boot camp partitions with ease. They provide separate recovery options for different types of data loss-quick recovery, formatted media recovery, deleted recovery and search lost volume. They can also recover data from different formats of discs- HFS,HFS+,FAT NTFS or Ex-FAT.

Possible Problems with Mac Hard Drives

  • Cannot access <drive> because a disk error occurred.
  • This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize the disk?
  • The disk <drive> cannot be accessed because a disk error occurred
  • Segment Loader Error
  • No such volume
  • Bad file name
  • Directory not found
  • Not an HFS volume
  • Internal file system error
  • Drive is not recognized
  • Drive will not mount
  • not a Macintosh disk
  • bad master directory block
  • drive not installed
  • r/w requested for an off-line drive
  • bad master directory block
  • (and several more disk or file errors)

The technicians are well trained in each field of data recovery and are employed based on their specialty services. Our team offers high quality Mac data recovery services and can help you in any Mac device, like the Mac Books, iPhones, iPads, iPods… everything Mac, even the original 8 bit microprocessor based on Apple I. Basically they can salvage the lost data from any Mac platform. The technicians deliver the recovered data in a very short time of less than 24 hours, and utmost secrecy is maintained. The client’s satisfaction is the main agenda for us at Protech Data Recovery. The specialization in Mac and Macintosh data recovery services is lauded for among our wide customer base.

So, if your Macintosh system displays such error messages, Protech Data Recovery is the place meant for you.

Note: Running file fixing or repair utilities on corrupt drives may make the problem worse – especially if the problem is due to bad media. If you have any doubts, please call us first!

If you need further assistance or have any questions, Call Us 24/7 Toll Free at: (877) 967-3548. We will provide you with the best possible assistance. Get FREE Data Recovery Diagnosis for your Mac device now!

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