Laptops and External Drives | Dropped, Slammed, Impacted...

An impact to a drive can cause it to enter into unexpected states, leading to gradual, rapid, or immediate degradation. This will ultimately lead to the loss of access to data and the data itself.

The affected drive’s performance may not show an immediate decline that users or most PC repair technicians can easily notice. This is because it utilizes multiple layers of error correction to uphold data integrity. However, this method ultimately worsens the drive’s deterioration until it reaches a point where it can no longer read data at all. Signs of this failure may include clicking sounds, freezing, or automatic shutdown, and the drive will be unable to power on normally after this occurs.

Prior to trying any self-made data recovery techniques like using different software, taking apart the drive, or freezing it, it’s important to note that these methods rarely lead to successful outcomes and can actually worsen the data recovery process. In reality, they might cause irreversible harm, rendering our assistance impossible. Hence, we strongly recommend contacting us first to avoid excessive costs and ensure a successful data recovery at an affordable price.

Therefore, don’t attempt repairs on your Own! Switch off the drive early on realization of an impact, and contact us.

We Recommend You Never Power Up A Dropped Hard Drive

After going through it firsthand, we comprehend the strong impulse to turn on your laptop or car right after it falls, simply to confirm that it’s still working. It’s normal to be worried and keen to make sure that your valuable device and crucial data are unharmed. But the instant you switch it on, there’s a risk of losing all your data.

Dropping a hard drive or its containing device can result in the displacement or harm of its internal components, potentially leading to a severe issue that could worsen if the drive is used.

One frequent outcome is a head crash, which occurs when the drive’s read/write head, tasked with storing and accessing data, comes into contact with the magnetic-coated platters. The platters’ surfaces hold all of the hard drive’s data and are extremely fragile, making them susceptible to damage upon contact.

After being mentioned earlier, it is known that a head crash frequently happens when a drive is accidentally dropped. This leads to the read-write head making direct contact with the platters of the drive, causing harm to the fragile surface where crucial data is stored when the drive is activated and the motor begins rotating the platters.

When a hard drive is dropped, it frequently experiences motor seizing, a prevalent problem. This creates an issue because a seized motor cannot turn, and trying to start the drive will cause repeated efforts to do so, resulting in the production of too much heat. Hard drives are susceptible to heat, and attempting to power up the drive in this condition is an assured method to permanently erase your data.

What You Should Do If You’ve Dropped Your Hard Drive

Prior to anything else, avoid powering up your hard drive. Instead, reach out to RTS Data Recovery experts to arrange a free assessment for recovering data from your hard drive.

We can examine your drive to identify necessary repairs without endangering your data. What’s more, we will offer a free quote, typically right over the phone when you call in. If were unable to recover your data, we’ll return your drive at no cost to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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