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Providing Data Recovery for; Desktops & Laptops Hard Drives, Smart Phones, Digital Camera Cards, Flash Cards, USB Thumb Drives and all other types of Removable Media.
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

    hard-drive-recovery SATA, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SSD Hard Drives: If you notice any irregular noise coming from the hard drive, it means that the hard disk drive in question has either crashed or is going to crash very soon. Please, try to back up your data, while the computer is still running.

    Heightened noise signals some unsuitability and is usually the first hint of a hard drive crash. Shut down your computer, if the operating system has stopped working and there is scratching, grinding or clicking noise coming from hard drive. Keeping the system running at this step may damage the platters to the extent that it will destroy all the data. Do not even try to hook it up with another computer as the drive is already crashed and the data is inaccessible. Sometime, you feel that the drive is spinning but it is not detected by BIOS. This is another hint of hard drive crash. This case should also be treated with care.

    Our hard drive data recovery specialists are capable and well trained to handle any type of data loss. They give personalized attention to the consumer and walk them through the recovery process.

  • Laptop Data Recovery

    laptop-recovery Sony, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, HP Laptops: Laptop hard disk drives work in the same way as desktop hard disk drives. The only difference between the two is that parts used in laptop hard disk drives are significantly smaller in size. This size reduction of parts makes laptop drives delicate. These drives need trained technicians in recovery situations as smaller part size makes data recovery more complex. The cost of recovery for laptop hard drives is commonly a little more than a desktop hard drive. We work with all operating systems including MAC, Windows, DOS, Novell, UNIX, and Linux. All hard drive models and manufacturers.

    We have an exceptionally immense recovery rate on laptop hard drives. We have achieved data recovery from all laptop manufacturers of hard drives, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, HP and many others. For further information, please contact us and one of our experienced|expert Laptop data recovery technicians will help you.

    Our laptop data recovery specialists are capable and well trained to handle any type of data loss. They give personalized attention to the consumer and walk them through the recovery process.

  • Linux Data Recovery

    linux-recovery Ubuntu, Redhat, Suse, Linux and More: Once data loss happens, most believe there is nothing that can be done. We have verified through our proprietary technique, that we can resurrect folders and files, whether it is a result of software malfunction, or human error, our Linux recoverny engineers can get it back!

    No matter if your data is from Ext2 & Ext3 File System which may be on any Linux Distribution. To name a few Suse Linux, Mandriva Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Redhat Linux, Caldera Linux, Gentoo Linux, Kubuntu Linux, Slackware Linux etc.

    If you need a professional resource for Linux system or database recovery, we offer fast results and reliable turnaround service 24/7, at the lowest price, guaranteed.

  • Mac Data Recovery

    mac-recovery Mac and iOS Devices: Many of our patrons use Mac and iOS devices to store emails, documents, music, and other important files. Both Mac and PC are known to have delemmas regarding data loss. It can be due to many reasons as to why data loss occurs from a hard drive-dropped hard disc, water or fire damage, or any other problems.

    Sometimes data recovery is essential when the data is deleted or if the data or drive is not accessible. There is also a possibility of data loss due to a virus attack, which can be recovered by a expert data recovery technician.

    Our specialists are adept at Mac data recovery. They are well trained and can handle any type of data loss. They give personalized attention to the consumer and walk them through the recovery process.

  • Removable Media Recovery

    removable-media Digital Media: Most removable media such as flash memory and USB, SD cards, compact memory and iPod are some of well known external removable devices for easy data carrying, transportation and also for storage; it is the fact that due to this application devices, they are more prone to get affected by virus attacks, data loss and cracks.

    Our removable media recovery specialists are experienced in the latest data recovery methods and can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos and video files from various memory card types including SD Card, MicroSD, SDHC, CF (Compact Flash) Card, xD Picture Card, Memory Stick and more.

  • Smart Phone Data Recovery

    smart-phone-recovery iOS, Windows CE & Android: Protech Data Recovery is one of the main smart phones recovery companies in the U.S. today. We offer expert recovery services for businesses and individuals alike. We use state-of-the-art proprietary data recovery technology and techniques to recover inaccessible data from all style of and smart phones, in any data loss situation.

    From accidental formatting or deletion, accidental drop, system crash, water damage, our smart phone data recovery specialists can retrieve damaged, inaccessible, lost data from SIM cards and the phone itself.

What to do when your hard drive, removable digital media or smart phone fails.

  • Do not run any chkdsk options like CHKDSK, FSCK or for Mac’s, Disk Utility. These utilities can destroy or corrupt your file system.
  • Do not use Third-party repair utilities in an attempt to repair errors on your smart phone, hard drive, or removable digital media. Doing so can wipe out data needed to recover the data you are seeking.
  • Do not attempt a physical repair to your removable digital media or damaged drive yourself. Example, soldering a usb tip back onto a jump drive.

Be sure when preparing to ship your media out. Let us know what kind of server, what filesystem, and operating system. If possible which drives are bad, and which drive failed last.

While most all data recovery companies don’t offer a free diagnostic until the smart phone, hard drive, or removable digital media is received at there lab, we offer our ONE RATE fees for removable digital media and hard drives. A data recovery specialist will gather information from you over the phone to give you a general idea of what you can expect. Even though data recovery falls under our ONE RATE fees, the cost will vary base on the possibilities. Our ONE RATE fee structure will by far beat any price out there. Please call us before attempting to repair the smart phone, hard drive, or removable digital media yourself which could end up destroying it.

What you can expect during your smart phone, hard drive or removable digital media data recovery process:

  • You will be appointed a personal service representative for your project who will advise you through the process.
  • The data recovery process can take 5 to 7 business days based on many circumstances, see below.
  • The appointed service representative will be in daily communication with the data recovery technician working on your case and keep you up-to-date with the recovery progress.

How long does smart phone, hard drive or removable digital media take?

One of the first questions we get asked by most clients is “How long will the recovery take?”. Sadly there is no clear cut answer to that question, as each case is different. Many hard drives or removable digital media can be recovered in 24 to 48 hours. However here are some elements to consider that may affect the overall time frame of the data recovery.

Hardware Condition – A drive that is fully functional is much faster to recover data from than one that is critically damaged and must be repaired. So cases that are simply related to accidental format, deletion, viruses, etc. are generally pretty quick on the turnaround. Usually within 24 to 48 hours for most cases, however there are times when it takes longer. Drives needing hardware recovery generally take about 5 to 7 days, but can take longer based on other circumstances below.

Removable Digital Media / Smart Phone / Hard Drive Size – Even if a drive is fully functional a smart phone, large hard drive or removable digital media will take as much longer to perform a single scan, and a typical recovery may involve several scans to adequately find all files. Also as a professional data recovery lab, we always clone the smart phone, hard drive or removable digital media first to prevent any possibility of calamity while working with the data. As a rule of thumb expect an extra day for drives larger than 500Gb or a few days for drives larger than 2Tb.

Availability of Donor Parts – For hard drives or removable digital media with hardware issues, parts are often needed to repair them to a semi-functional condition where the data can be successfully pulled. Some hard drive sub-models are very typical and easy to find the parts from one of our vendors. However others are not. In a very limited instance we may even have to spend weeks searching online and calling other data recovery labs for the specific drive or parts we need. Or we may even have to buy a donor drive from overseas and wait for it to arrive. Usually this is the longest part of the whole process for hardware level recoveries.

Functionality of smart phone, hard drive or removable digital media after Repair – Many makes of hard drives don’t take kindly to replacement parts, and don’t function anywhere near their full potential after an internal repair. As drives write magnetic data on a microscopic level, even the slightest micro variation (or micro jog) in manufacturing of parts may cause the drive to steadily have to re-read data over and over. While limited, some drives can take a month or more to pull all the data after such internal repairs.

How do I get my data back after recovery?

Upon finalization of the recovery, you are welcome to provide your own return media. For removable digital media and hard drives, they would typically be a external hard drive. Or, if you’d prefer you can purchase a new external hard drive from us at a competitive price and we’ll copy the data to that.


Providing customers with the fast, secure, confidential, reliable, and most affordable data recovery services. Call us 24/7 (877) 967-3548.

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  • Providing customers with the fast, secure, confidential, reliable, and most affordable data recovery services. Call us 24/7 (877) 967-3548.

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