Storage Media – Logical Damage

Far more frequent than physical damage is logical damage to a file system. Logical damage is largely|generally caused by power outages that stop file system structures from being effectively written to the storage medium, but troubles with hardware (especially RAID controllers) and system crashes, as well as drivers, can have the same ramification. The outcome is that the file system is left in an inconsistent state. This can cause a assortment of dilemmas, such as strange behavior (e.g., drives reporting negative amounts of free space, infinitely recursing directories), system crashes, or an definate loss of data.

Numerous programs exist to correct these inconsistencies, and most operating systems come with at least a elemental repair tool for their native file systems. Mac OS X for instance, has Disk Utility, Microsoft Windows provides chkdsk and Linux, comes with the fsck utility. Third-party utilities are also available, and some can even produce results. While most logical damage can be either repaired or worked around using disk repair utilities, data recovery software can never guarantee that no data loss will result… so with that said, its always best to leave to up to the certified professionals.

IMPERATIVE: Don’t Tryout Software Repairs on Your Own!

You might be enticed to try using all kinds of software and repair utilities yourself. Instituting these types of software repairs to the smart phone, hard drive or removable digital media rarely works and, more often than not, they’ll make your data even more challenging to recover. To the point perhaps causing irreversible damage as to where we can’t even save your data. At Protech Data Recovery your data is what matters most. So PLEASE, call us first!

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