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  • Cecilia Kelly
    Protech is my hero, they recovered all my data much earlier than the estimated time. I went with them because of the amazing reviews I read online. When I called, I found them to be very customer service oriented, professional, and reasonably priced. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound promising at first. I had to send my hard drive to California. They paid for and sent me a shipping label. They don’t charge if they can’t recovery any data, so I went with them. To my surprise, they got everything back…very happy with the outcome.
  • Nora Armstrong
    It took a bit longer than expected but there was very good communication throughout the process. I did get back all my files exactly the way they were before my hard drive crashed. So, in the end I am very happy with the service and professionalism. I will defiantly recommend Protech data recovery and would not hesitate to use their services again. Thanks again guys.
  • Ella Villadsen
    My son was playing and accidentally knocked over my hard drive and it started making a clicking noise. I tried connecting it to another computer but it continues to click and not show the drive on the desktop. I called Protech Data Recovery, I found Paul to be very calming… I guess he’s use to specking with people all the time with these types of issues. I was very happy to move forward and send in my hard drive. Their service was quick, and they managed to get a full recovery of my 4TB Western Digital My Book hard drive which had over 7 years’ worth of pictures and other important data. Communication during the process was excellent. I would use them again in a heartbeat. 5 Plus Stars!
  • Andy Jame
    On the website they claim, they have succeeded where others failed. Well it’s true. I sent in may hard drive to Seagate and I was told the drive was unrecoverable. Protech data recovery has a no data, no charge if they can not recover your data. I had nothing to lose... I was impressed with how awesome their service was. I highly recommend them. They have a very professional approach, very fast turn-around, and the best pricing. Within a week they recovered all my important and sensitive data. They are real pros!
  • Roger Moore
    Out of nowhere my computer stopped recognizing my hard drive. All my pictures, music, important files were never backed up. I was devastated and sick to my stomach to have lost 15 years of pictures; weddings, vacations, my parent whom are no longer alive… I found Protech Data Recovery and they were able to recover all my data that I thought was gone. I highly recommend their services. They were friendly, helpful, and easy to communicate with.
  • Shaunta Washington
    Protech Data Recovery has retrieved my western digital drive that had water damage due to a plumbing issue in my home office. I am so happy… I thought I lost all my important data files, prescription lists, tax returns, music and pictures forever but they were able to get it all back for me. Great customer service, fair price, quick recovery. Thank you Protech!
  • Sam Gardner
    Protech Data Recovery recovered an old external hard drive that had photos on it of my wedding, honey moon and birth of our two children. So grateful for everyone at Protech. All for a good price that didn’t break the bank. Great job!
  • Cynthia Mark
    Very impressed with Protech Data Recovery, they kept me in the loop from start to finish. I shopped around, but in the end, there was no comparison. Even though the recovery turned out to be more difficult than expected, 7 days later as promised, I received 100% of my data back at no additional cost! There flat fees are amazing. Paul was very helpful and kept me calm through this process. Thank you, Paul and your team for come through!
  • David S. A.
    My hard drive (HD) at work died and I was faced with losing months of SQL scripts. I should have backed up. I had asked my IT support staff to back up my hard drive. I hadn't backed up. Our IT wanted to drive my HD to a place in Irvine that wanted $1,200 to attempt to recover the data. I found Protech using Google Maps and they were very local--I live and work in Long Beach--so I was able to drop the drive off the same day. Paul was able to tell me within a day that the magnetic heads had died and that he would need to send it to a clean room for recovery. In a couple days, Paul provided me with a URL to view the content of the recovered files, which included everything that I cared about, plus a lot of files that I had deleted a long time ago. What impressed me most was that there was no charge if Protech couldn't recover my data, unlike the distant place in Irvine. I had dropped off a working external USB drive with my dead one and was able to stop by a few days later and pick it up with all my lost files on it, along with the corpse of my dead drive. The service was friendly, professional, and convenient, the results were as good as I could imagine, the price was very reasonable (based on HD size, contingent on success), and RTS saved me from wasting another couple weeks recreating all my scripts from scratch. Paul saved me from having to suffer, and I prefer paying a reasonable price in cash to paying in embarrassing, wasted effort and time. I have already referred a complete stranger whom I overheard lamenting his own hard drive failure. I have my files backed up now. Most quality educations aren't available so cheaply.
  • Dena B.
    When I accidentally knocked my computer over, it turned into a nightmare, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to recover my files. Long story short, I contacted Paul at Protech Data Recovery and not only was his team able to recover all of my files, but I got them back the very next day!! I could not be more grateful or give a higher recommendation to any company. Plus, Paul kept me informed throughout the process, clearly demonstrating that he understood how important and urgent getting my files recovered (and fast) was to me. Thanks again!
  • Kenneth Sokolski, M.D.
    I came home from a trip to Costa Rica and without thinking was playing with my camera before backing up my pictures. Without warning nearly 700 photographs were deleted. I contacted Paul at Protech and miraculously he was able to recover all of them. He was a Godsend as I was sure i had lost everything. The service was great and the price was very fair. I would highly recommend Protech to anyone who has lost valuable data and needs to recover it right away. Thanks again for all of your help Paul.
  • Char R.
    I accidentally stepped on my husbands flash drive (he's a college professor) that contained all of his coursework and gradings for all of his classes. We took the flash drive to different places and they all told us that it would cost an arm and a leg to try and recover the data, if it was even able to be recovered at all. I was feeling really awful about possibly losing all of my husbands hard work and him having to recreate everything again, until I discovered Protech. I gave them a call, thinking this would be my final attempt before giving up. I left a message and Paul returned my call and he was very helpful and understood what the issue was and immediately provided a reasonable quote and guarantee that if the data could not be recovered that we would not be charged. We sent over our device and within 48 hours Paul called us back stating that all data was recovered and was on its way back to us! It was a miracle! I would highly recommend Protech for recovering your data and wouldn't waste anytime searching anywhere else! Their team is fast, efficient, honest and helpful! You will not find this type of service anywhere else. Thanks Paul and team! You guys Rock!
  • Susan C.
    Dropped off my MacBook that Apple refused to touch, and Paul recovered my data before I even drove into my driveway! He also honestly advised me about the purchase of data storage device for recovery. His prices are reasonable, and service is lightening fast! Good to know an honest computer service: we all need one!!
  • Alex S.
    Had a laptop hard drive crash after Windows pushed an update last week. Contacted Paul and had the drive in Fed Ex the next day. Luckily they were able to make a 100% mechanical recovery (take out the hard drive platters in a clean room and then spin them up in another device). Shame on me for not having redundant real time backups (I have 2 now). I knew better than to have a back up that was over a month old, so this was my penance. Paul was more than communicative and had great advise for backing up. He should know - he deals with this every day. LEARN FROM HIM!! My review would not change if they couldn't recover anything. I was impressed with their turnaround and communication which goes miles in a situation like this. Hats off to the Protech team. I hope I never have to talk to Paul again in this context, but thank God people like him are around when you need them.
  • Anthony Y.
    Instead of using Protech Data Recovery, I used another service. Protech will give you a flat price up front. The other service only gave me a quote after I sent my hard drive to them. The quote was HIGHER than what Paul quoted me. After some negotiations, they matched the price that Protech gave me. However, they couldn't recover my data. They even charged me to send my hard drive back. In desperation, I contacted Protech Data Recovery. They were able to recover my missing data. But there was contamination on the hard drive. It seems that the prior service's clean room was not so clean. So in sum, go with Protech Data recovery the first time. Yes, the price of data recovery is expensive in general. Be prepared to spend a lot. But the folks at Protech are cheaper than others and better than others. You can't go wrong. I wish I had picked them first.
  • Matthew L.
    I submitted my hard drives, a RAID, that was being used as a shared server at our small office. The hard drives weren't being recognized by our computers. There didn't seem to be any physical damage, but we weren't sure. In the end, Protech Data Recovery quickly recovered all the data and placed it in a brand new hard drive we supplied them. They sent us tracking information and it was delivered to our office safe and sound. I'm satisfied with the service.
  • Daniel D.
    I am glad I selected Protech, I dropped off my drive at 2pm an by 4:30pm the documents I needed were retrieved. It was my work laptop, and I was stressing to think all my work for the past 5 years was lost. Thankfully, It all worked out for me. Thank you again.
  • Anthony D.
    Cost less than half of all the other services and with no waiting.
  • Alex D.
    I found Protech Data Recovery Service through yelp, and I was not disappointed. After reading a few reviews on here I decided to try it out. Probably like most people, I only had one single external hard drive and used it for everything. All my photos, documents, and gopro footage. I never thought of having a backup for my backup until my 2TB Western Digital external hard drive broke down. I was helped by Paul and he did an excellent job of keeping me posted on his progress. Just like these reviews say, Paul gave me a flat rate up front and was kind enough to give me a price for the worst case scenario. Thankfully the fix wasn't too expensive. I paid $285 to have all my data recovered. Other friends of mine have paid over 1 thousand dollars to get their data recovered (their devices might have had more issues). Give Paul your time, your broken hard drive, and your money, and he will not disappoint. He'll let you know exactly what the issue is, how much he'll charge, and when it can be completed. Great service! Zero complaints!! Absolutely recommend!
  • Yeonmee K.
    One thing i can say Paul save my life :) My extra hard drive just stop working. '7 year's of family photo and video' i almost lost. But Paul save it!! I was in panic and dont know what to do. Paul was really nice , explain everything and let me know what i have todo later too. I hope never happen again but if it happen i will definitely visit again :).
  • Daniela G.
    I am so happy I found this service!! Paul is a very professional, kind and helpful person. In less than 24 hrs I had my data recovered. I highly recommend them. Thank you!
  • Daniel B.
    The people at Protech were very professional and great to deal with. my worst nightmare happened, I went to access my data and drive and Windows said the drive is not formatted and my last back up was 30 days old. I got a call 2 hours later and they instantly relieved my stress by saying they have a 99% probability that they would recover 100% of my data, which they did. I picked up the drive the next day and I am back up and running. They were reasonably priced, fast, and courteous, and I highly recommend their services.
  • Matthew Levitt
    I know everyone has been saying it on here...but, Paul & Protech Data Recovery are truly amazing. I first tried going to Best Buy where I bought my Seagate external hard drive, and after an extremely cursory examination, they informed me it would cost nearly $1,500 to recover the data - if they could recover anything at all! Which was out of the question for me. I then found Protech Data Recovery online, spoke with a data recovery technical directly. I felt very comfortable with the conversation and Paul’s knowledge so I filled out their online form and shipped my drive to them. Paul called me (3) days later, after the initial diagnostic exam, assured me they were 99% sure they could recover everything. Everything!!! It doesn't get much better than a company that doesn't charge you for the initial diagnostics. If they can't recover your information, you don't pay anything! In the end, the price I paid to recover my hard drive was extremely reasonable, Paul was the best and such a professional, and I really felt like my information was in good hands with Protech Data Recovery. I plan on recommending them to every single friend I have that - like me - is an idiot and doesn't back up her information.
  • Lisa Lopez
    Hats off to the Protech team saving my data. Thank you, I greatly appreciate the fast, professional service.
  • Daniel Ward
    I highly recommend Protech data recovery… There process was very simple and easy. All of my files and photos were recovered in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you…forever grateful.
  • Willis Tsair
    My laptop crashed during an update and I lost access to a ton of files as the OC was unable to access my files anymore. I had taken it to a laptop specialist previously but my issue was very specific. I called Paul and he guided me through the process and does not charge if the data is not retrieved. I learned a bit of useful information about data and hard drives as well. The Protech people were able to recover almost all of my data in a short amount of time. I would recommend Protech for your own emergencies.
  • anne goetz
    Paul was very patient and kind...always picked up the phone and took the time to answer our questions during the data recovery process. We were very thankful to him and his team for recovering our files!
  • Mo Labanieh
    Thank you so much Paul for helping us recover valuable family photos at an affordable price. I and the whole family are extremely grateful!!!

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