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  • Jason Carter
    These guys went above and beyond to help me recover my lost data. I had a network drive that was no longer showing up on the network. I’m a small business owner and know nothing about this stuff. I couldn’t get a hold of me tech guy for two days so I searched on the Internet and found Protech Data Recovery. They don’t have on-site service but they were able to help. I sent the network drive in to them and found out 1 of the 4 drives had failed. Long story short, they recovered the data and returned it to me a brand-new network drive. I pugged it in and everything is showing…back in business. I was only down for the week; 2 days was me trying to get a hold of my tech guy. I would recommend Protech to anyone that is in a bind needing data recovery. Very professional, fast service.
  • Jennie Baldwin
    The team is outstanding and answers all of our questions very quickly. If you need help marketing your business online and understanding SEO, the RTS team can do wonders for your company.
  • Steve Thompson
    My teacher referred me to Protech Data Recovery. I found them to be extremely professional, responsive and customer service oriented. However, I thought the price was very steep, so I shopped for other companies, and these guys by far had the best price. I sent in my hard drive and Wala, they recovered all my school files, all my photos from vacations with my family, etc. You can’t put a price that. Thank you, guys, I’ll be sure to let everyone know about you for sure!
  • Richard Smith
    Was having issues with a Raid 0. I found Protech data recovery online. After speaking with a tech, I overnighted my drive to them. I received a call from Paul and was told 1 of the 2 drives had bad heads and needed to be rebuilt, parts were ordered and he would get back to me in a few days. Two days later Paul called me to let me know they recovered 100% of my data from the 2 drive Raid 0. OMG…so happy! You guys saved my life. I will be sure to tell everyone about you. Thanks a million.
  • Barry Simmons
    Barry Simmons What can I say other than I am so happy to have all my data back and so fast! Protech data recovery truly has the best prices and customer service. I lost data 2 years ago from a portable hard drive that had been dropped. After sending in this drive to another company…it took 2 weeks to hear back from anyone. A week after that I received a call that they had recovered my data but the price was $400 more then what I was originally told and agreed to. What a nightmare! Protech recovered my data in less than a week, they have flat fees and put the prices in writing before I ever sent them my drive. They were very professional and easy to work with…night and day! Thank you Protech!
  • Louis Kirwin
    These guys are great! Much more affordable than most other recovery services. They were able to recover my drive - saving my business. I would have rated them 5 stars, but they took a couple days longer than they promised. I am very happy with the service, have already recommended them to a friend in the same predicament, and will use/recommend them again if needed.
  • Jesus Borgen
    Our server drives abruptly failed which left us in disarray. Within 5 business days, Protech was able to extract the data, resulting in a full recovery. We are very happy to have had a full recovery! Losing data can be stressful and expensive. As a HOA (non-profit), we received an affordable price and we were able to recover 26+ years of data we use to this day! Thank you, Protech Data Recovery for providing this great service! We are very happy with the outcome!
  • John Barber
    It was not easy selecting a legit, professional data recovery company. When I call, there was a friendly, knowledgeable staff member that answered. I took my chances with them even though I had to send my hard drive to them. They paid for the shipping and had a policy that if they couldn’t get the data there was no charge. Plus, their reviews were amazing, so I was very comfortable moving forward. 3 days later I received a call that they had recovered my hard drive, it was a full recovery. 3 days after that I receive my hard drive. Definitely recommend this place if you want to recover data at an affordable price and honest service!
  • Lilian Varney
    It took a bit longer than expected but there was very good communication throughout the process. I did get back all my files exactly the way they were before my hard drive crashed. So, in the end I am very happy with the service and professionalism. I will defiantly recommend Protech data recovery and would not hesitate to use their services again. Thanks again guys.
  • William Mitchell
    Got my data back in less than a week…absolutely satisfied with the service from these folks. Very professional, friendly and fast service. I highly recommend Protech Data Recovery to help recover your data.
  • Nancy Ross
    Cost less than half of all the other services and with no waiting.
  • Clarence Butler
    Clarence Butler Our RAID 10 server went down sometime over the weekend…our backups had been failing for the past month. The amont of data lost inthat time is unmeasurable. These guys know there stuff! Three day later we had all 40TB backed up, plus they replaced the bad hard drives (3) in the server and fixed the service. They saved our business!
  • Lynn Dennis
    Protech’s customer service was absolutely wonderful. My business was like working in the dark ages, unable to use my QuickBooks to generate and process the credit card transactions. I received a call from a Protech representative every day (3 days) till they recovered my computer’s hard drive. Once it was recovered, it didn’t take long for my IT guy to get my new computer and business back up and running again. Thankful beyond words!
  • Kathy Cox
    The Protech team are miracle workers! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Another recovery company was not able to help me, I was told there was damage on the disk. Protech looked at it and told me it would most likely be a partial recovery. They worked their magic and were able to recovery 98% of the images that I had happy right now!
  • Carolyn Hammond
    There are a lot of data recovery companies out there... I went Protech Data Recovery because of the professionalism I experienced over the phone and their lowest price, no data, no pay guarantee. The prices I was being quoted from other companies were outrageous. Protech came through with flying colors. They recovered all my data and at responsible price. They sent my recovered data on a new backup drive that I just plugged in and there it all was. Highly recommend this company!
  • Dennis Parker
    Best service… thank so much guys, you saved my life! I was so nervous all week. My wife would have killed me if we were unable to recover this data. This drive had our wedding pictures and movies, 3 years of baby pictures and more on it and it was never backed it up. Thank you so much.
  • Amelie Anderson
    I was recommended to Protech Data Recovery by Western Digital. My WD Passport external drive fell off a table and is now making a clicking sound. I searched for data recovery services and Protech Data Recovery came up. After some research I deiced to give them a call. The gentleman that answered was very knowledgeable and knew right away what needed to be done and gave me a flat fee price. There was no pressure, as a matter of fact he asked that I shop around and said they pretty much have the best prices in the industry. After 3 calls, not only was he right, I realized how professional and claiming he was. So, I called back and was directed to an online service form. I filled it out and submitted it. Within an hour I received a shipping label and everything we discuss including the price was in writing. Once they received the hard drive, I was call to let me know it was received and they would get back to me once the technician inspects it. Later on, that day I received another call and was told they had a successfully recovery all my data! Wow…unbelievable...amazing customer service! I received my data 2 days later. All I can say is read their reviews, call them, get a vibe and trust your gut! These guys are the real deal.
  • Mary Miller
    I accidentally deleted an entire hard drive when my computer decided my hard drive wasn't formatted properly. In just a few days, Protech was able to review the drive and find all my files and photos. The whole process with Protech was smooth and they were very easy to work with. Definitely recommend them if you're ever in my situation.
  • Brenda Peres
    Amazingly fast recovery time and excellent customer service along the way. They were able to retrieve all of the company’s data files and have us back up and running in (3) days, unbelievable! Though after calling around, data recovery in general is very expensive. Protech was not expensive in comparison. There services were worth the money and this experience is a lesson learned.
  • Robert James
    This kind of work can be expensive, but after shopping around, they had the best prices. Walked me through the process and before I knew it, a few days later they had found all my lost data. Quick, easy and professional.
  • Niamh Barnes
    I sent my external hard drive to another company to recover my data. They were so expensive so I had them send me my hard drive back. I found Protech Data Recovery on Yelp. I am happy that I did, they had great reviews so I called them. They gave me a much better price so I sent them the drive. I received status updates throughout the entire process. In less than a week I received call that my information was recovered. I am very pleased. I hope that I do not need them again, but if I do, I will definitely go to them first.
  • Jenny Swanson
    Very helpful over the phone. I was walked through a few things to try to get my external hard drive to be recognized. Unfortunately, it did need to be sent in for further evaluation. I was given two prices over the phone that were based on the service that may be needed (best and worst case). Turns out that they were able to get a full recovery without having to rebuild the drive. So, it was the lower cost…very happy. Protech is a very honest and sincere company. You can tell these guys really love and know what they’re doing.
  • Jennie Kelly
    A month ago, I lost several years’ worth of data. Everything was gone. A friend referred me to Protech Data Recovery. Man, these folks really know their stuff. Very professional, patiently answered all my questions and the best part, they recovered al my data in less than 2 weeks. I am truly grateful to them and would highly recommend this company!
  • Robyn Warner
    Had a great experience with Protech date recovery. I had so many important files on this network drive and got extremely nervous when it stopped showing up on the network all of a sudden. Took it to several places before Protech and they were not able to fix. Recovering process was little pricey but definitely worth getting it done instead of re-working on all the missing files. We sent the network drive in to the Protech team to have at it. Within 24 hours, they called to let us know they recovered everything, a full recovery! Music to my ears. These guys are truly the best. Awesome service!
  • Cory Horton
    Wow…data recovery is not cheap? But I had no choice because I’m a bookkeeper/accountant and had all my client’s financials, etc. on this hard drive. I had been backing up, but the past 3 weeks it slipped my mind. There was way too much work to attempt to do over. Paul at Protech Data Recovery came to my rescue. I was extremely relieved to find that Paul's team can help me, and do it quickly with no extra costs for my emergency. I overnighted my hard drive to them, Paul called me the next morning to confirm receipt of the hard drive. The following morning Paul called me again to let me know they got 100% of my data back. I had him overnight it back to me, so in three days my nightmare was over. This was absolutely worth every penny. Paul and Protech are unbelievable. If I could reach through the phone and hug him I would. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will recommend you guys to everyone.
  • Kurt Carr
    I can't believe these guys got my data back, everyone else told me it was lost forever. Totally worth the money. All the other guys I called were almost double what they price even if they didn't find anything. What I like about Protech Data Recovery is they even guaranteed if they couldn't get any of my data, they wouldn't charge.
  • Janice Brown
    Protech recovered all my data. Great customer service and fast recovery. Money well spent, thank you!
  • Sandra Conner
    Recently had my hard drive completely crash on me. I thought all my data was lost for good. Contacted Protech Data Recovery and thankfully they were able to completely restore all the data. Paul was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Hopefully I never go through this issue again without having my information backed up already. I will definably recommend Protech Data Recovery.
  • Patricia Johnson
    Dropped my three-terabyte external hard drive and now it only clicks. My neighbor told me about Protech data recovery so I sent them my hard drive. It took 1 1/2 weeks and they recovered all my data. Their customer service was amazing…I received calls periodically updating me on the status. Apparently, the drive had a lot of bad sectors so it was imaging very slow. Bottom line, I wasn’t in a rush…I just so thankful they were able to get everything back.
  • Artful Energy
    I found myself with a broken hard drive snd a loss of over a decade of photos that captured many memorable events. I was devastated for many months and paid others who only said they could not help. Then I found Protech, and my prayers were answered! Paul owns and operates and is a genius at data recovery. Highly recommended by a very satisfied customer !
  • Desiree Guzman
    We cannot thank Paul enough! After thinking that all our data was lost on our external hard drives at work, Paul was able to recover every single file! We had data on there that spanned over 5 years. Thank you again Paul!
  • RudyRyan E
    Paul was great, quick 24 hr turn around and recovered all my files. Very happy with my experience.
  • Emilio H.
    You guys are amazing. I spoke to Paul during the week - he's the definition of going 'above and beyond'. I was really impressed. Thank you once again for all of your help.
  • Mo Labanieh
    Thank you so much Paul for helping us recover valuable family photos at an affordable price. I and the whole family are extremely grateful!!!
  • anne goetz
    Paul was very patient and kind...always picked up the phone and took the time to answer our questions during the data recovery process. We were very thankful to him and his team for recovering our files!
  • Keith Anderson
    My son was playing and accidentally knocked over my hard drive and it started making a clicking noise. I tried connecting it to another computer but it continues to click and not show the drive on the desktop. I called Protech Data Recovery, I found Paul to be very calming… I guess he’s use to specking with people all the time with these types of issues. I was very happy to move forward and send in my hard drive. Their service was quick, and they managed to get a full recovery of my 4TB Western Digital My Book hard drive which had over 7 years’ worth of pictures and other important data. Communication during the process was excellent. I would use them again in a heartbeat. 5 Plus Stars!
  • Janice Brown
    Reasonable prices compared to other companies, quick, friendly service. Protech recovered all my data. I was quoted higher rates from five other data recovery companies before finding Protech. I went with them because as soon as I called, I got a technician, not a sales person. In addition, the way their doing business; great prices, and the roundtrip shipping was paid by them which was a huge bonus. They kept their word on the flat fee pricing. A remarkable company!
  • Willis Tsair
    My laptop crashed during an update and I lost access to a ton of files as the OC was unable to access my files anymore. I had taken it to a laptop specialist previously but my issue was very specific. I called Paul and he guided me through the process and does not charge if the data is not retrieved. I learned a bit of useful information about data and hard drives as well. The Protech people were able to recover almost all of my data in a short amount of time. I would recommend Protech for your own emergencies.
  • Danielle Bray
    Amazingly fast recovery time and excellent customer service along the way. They were able to retrieve all of the company’s data files and have us back up and running in (3) days, unbelievable! Though after calling around, data recovery in general is very expensive. Protech was not expensive in comparison. There services were worth the money and this experience is a lesson learned.
  • Shaunta Washington
    Protech Data Recovery has retrieved my western digital drive that had water damage due to a plumbing issue in my home office. I am so happy… I thought I lost all my important data files, prescription lists, tax returns, music and pictures forever but they were able to get it all back for me. Great customer service, fair price, quick recovery. Thank you Protech!
  • Roger Moore
    Out of nowhere my computer stopped recognizing my hard drive. All my pictures, music, important files were never backed up. I was devastated and sick to my stomach to have lost 15 years of pictures; weddings, vacations, my parent whom are no longer alive… I found Protech Data Recovery and they were able to recover all my data that I thought was gone. I highly recommend their services. They were friendly, helpful, and easy to communicate with.
  • Andy Jame
    On the website they claim, they have succeeded where others failed. Well it’s true. I sent in may hard drive to Seagate and I was told the drive was unrecoverable. Protech data recovery has a no data, no charge if they can not recover your data. I had nothing to lose... I was impressed with how awesome their service was. I highly recommend them. They have a very professional approach, very fast turn-around, and the best pricing. Within a week they recovered all my important and sensitive data. They are real pros!
  • Nora Armstrong
    It took a bit longer than expected but there was very good communication throughout the process. I did get back all my files exactly the way they were before my hard drive crashed. So, in the end I am very happy with the service and professionalism. I will defiantly recommend Protech data recovery and would not hesitate to use their services again. Thanks again guys.
  • Cecilia Kelly
    Protech is my hero, they recovered all my data much earlier than the estimated time. I went with them because of the amazing reviews I read online. When I called, I found them to be very customer service oriented, professional, and reasonably priced. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound promising at first. I had to send my hard drive to California. They paid for and sent me a shipping label. They don’t charge if they can’t recovery any data, so I went with them. To my surprise, they got everything back…very happy with the outcome.
  • Jaiden Hendrix
    I highly recommend Protech data recovery… There process was very simple and easy. All of my files and photos were recovered in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you…forever grateful.
  • Karyn Caldwell
    These guys recovered all our server data within 72 hours, saving my company 100's of 1000's of man hours as to not having to reconstructed the many years of data. Very professional. Unbelievable price in comparison to over data recovery companies. I highly recommend Protech Data Recovery.
  • Noel Frömgen
    Hats off to the Protech team saving my data. Thank you, I greatly appreciate the fast, professional service.
  • Kevin P.
    Called ProTech today for issues I was having getting my photos from my compact flash memory card. I spoke with Paul who was very professional, upfront on cost and was willing to help me right away. Keep in mind, this was on a Sunday. Drove to the office, dropped off my card, and in less than 2 hours, I had all of my photos back. The price was very reasonable. Hopefully this never happens again but if it does, I will call ProTech and ask for Paul. Strongly recommend.
  • Gary Miller
    I had Protech Data recovery retrieve data off of a failed external Buffalo raid drive. I went to Best Buy and was quoted a very high price and was told it would take up to 3 weeks to get the data back. I found Protech Data recovery on a Google search, read their reviews and called. After speaking to Paul, I felt very comfortable and sent in my hard drive. They retrieved all the data on my Buffalo drive in 3 days. The cost was less than Best Buy quoted me. I will for sure use Protech Data recovery again and recommend them to anyone else need this type of service. The only thing was I had to send the in the drive. Paul was very friendly, called me the day the hard drive arrived and 3 days later with the good news. All and all, 7 days later I’m back in business. Great customer service.
  • Jose Moore
    I just wanted to reach out and take this opportunity to thank everyone at Protech Data Recovery for making this process very easy and painless. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and the advice on backing up my data in the future. Your team is AMAZING!

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