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  • Alissa Mitchell
    Protech Data Recovery is amazing!!! They got almost all, if not all, of my 1TB hard drive back from the dead! (P.S. DO NOT DROP AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE FROM ANY HEIGHT!) I was in desperate need and all other companies wanted $1500 or more!! RTS not only restored my data, they kept me informed the entire way! Note: They will ask for a credit card but they will not charge that card until they have recovered your data and even then, they ask for your permission after notifying you of what all they were able to recover. Simply amazing! Super nice people, efficient and worth every penny!! Thank you all! You are a life saver!!!!
  • Claudia Wylie
    Lost serveal months data when our server chashed from a power surge, our back up drive had not been backing for 2 months. Apparently both drives were not turning on (RAID 0). They so how retrieved all the data from both drives, intalled new drives and cloned over the data. We recieved all the data on an exturnal hard drive and the server is working like it was before the storm and power surge. GREAT JOB!
  • Dorothy Allen
    Protech Data Recovery recovered an old external hard drive that had photos on it of my wedding, honey moon and birth of our two children. So grateful for everyone at Protech. All for a good price that didn’t break the bank. Great job!
  • Rita Ward
    Great service. Highly recommend Protech data recovery. I’m a small business owner and when my POS system went down, they knew exactly what need to be done. They wasted no time to email me a shipping label. Since the POS system was less than a year old, they directed me to call the manufacture to get a new hard drive with the factory image on it. They recommended I get the POS system up and running so when I get the data back, I can call POS customer support to get my data copied over and configured. This happened on a Tuesday and I had my data back in my hands-on Friday morning. By the end of the day I called Protech to thank them on a job well done. I was fully up and running and now having to play catch-up for the past 4 days. I am so thankful and appreciative of everyone involved with this disaster. Everyone really cared and patently helped me, a non-technical guy get this POS system working with such ease. Thank you.
  • Emma Moore
    Really amazing service. I dropped my hard drive while it was plugged in, originally took it to Best Buy who couldn't fix. So, I decided to send it to Protech Data Recovery and paid less than I would have with Best Buy. They recovered all my data and got better, faster service.
  • Lana M
    This review is for Paul he was honest about the recovery process and had great customer service skills and professionalism, thank you for your assistance today I really appreciate your honesty and professionalism.
  • Elizabeth Clark
    My Seagate external hard drive had a hardware malfunction and I am so happy I found Protech Data Recovery. Other companies quoted me way more than they did. My hard drive had bad read/write heads which was a Level 3 recovery…that’s what everyone was telling me. Protech charges a flat fee based on the size of the hard drive, and seems to have by far the best price out there. Turn out it’s still a lot of money for me. It sucked having to pay so much, but the data I needed recovered was priceless. I've learned my lesson! Back up everything! Protech was able to recover 100% of my data. So thankful.
  • Martha Smith
    I was so freckled out when my 3-year-old put my iPhone in the toilet. I found Protech Data Recovery on Google. I called and Paul answered the phone. I explained what happen, he said right away they should be able to help. But before proceeding, he had me sign into iCloud to see if the iPhone was backed up…sadly it was not. Paul was very professional and helpful, I knew if anyone was going to get my data back, it would be these guys. So, I sent in my iPhone and sure enough they were able to recover all my contacts, text messages, video and photos. These guys are awesome.
  • Susan Slawson
    I highly recommend Protech Data Recovery, they retrieved all my data after I accidently dropped my external hard drive. I was told by 2 other companies that it would cost thousands of dollars to retrieve my data. Protech got it all at a fair price. Very professional, and most of all, excellent customer service!
  • Maxine Watts
    I am very grateful to have found Paul and Protech Data Recovery. I had been carrying around some important documents on a 4gb USB flash drive and one day it went out. The tech guy at my job couldn't recover the data and I was quoted close to $1,000 by a few other companies. Protech was able to check out the drive the next day and they recovered 100% of my data for a fraction of the price that the other guys tried to charge. Great company, highly recommended!
  • Lisa Willis
    Absolutely recommend Protech Data Recovery, save my life. I am a freelance photographer. After photographing a wedding… (2) of (5) sd cards failed to read on my computer but the camera still showed all the pictures and videos. Freaking out, I searched on the Internet and found Protech. Impressed that they answer the phone at 10pm on a Sunday night, I knew they were the ones I wanted to recover my sd cards even though they needed the card to be sent to a California lab. Though other local companies had good reviews, they didn’t answer the phone. Protech had wonderful customer service, and retrieved my data the same day they received the cards. In 3 days, I had all the photos and videos in my hands on a usb drive. Amazing service and follow-up. Thank you!!!!
  • Lillian Haire
    I was very satisfied with Protech Data Recovery. After shopping around, Protech had the best price. I needed urgent data recovery services as I was getting on a plane the following week. These guys jumped through hoops and managed to get all my data, and get it to me in 72 hours later. They provided excellent customer support and communicated with me throughout the process. I will for sure recommend them to everyone!
  • Patricia Morgan
    Extremely impressed with the service. I found Protech Data Recovery on an Internet search, along with many other companies. I read up on a few companies and Protech Data Recovery offered the best price, free diagnosis, and a guarantee policy, no data, no pay. We sent our drive off and had a response of a successful data recovery within 48 hours. We had our data back to us within a week. Extremely impressed with the service, very professional and knowledgeable, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  • Queen Monroe
    I accidentally formatted all my files on my external hard drive, while I was trying to format a new hard drive. Protech Data Recovery recovered all my files. They recovered all my important school work, photos, movies and music. They are awesome… if I had lost everything, I would have been screwed with my school work and memories. Paul also discussed options as to how I should backup my information to avoid this happening again. So grateful…thank you.
  • Donna Grange
    I highly recommend Protech Data Recovery! These guys are the real deal. After calling around, Protech had the best pricing out there. Very impress that when I called, a tech answer…he was friendly and was able to give me a price over the phone. I went online, fill out the paperwork and shortly thereafter I received a shipping label and everything we talked about including the price was in the email as well. It took me a few days to get it to UPS, but five days later I received a call that my hard drive was recovered. Great service!
  • Josephine Jones
    Out of nowhere my computer stopped recognizing my hard drive. All my pictures, music, important files were never backed up. I was devastated and sick to my stomach to have lost 15 years of pictures; weddings, vacations, my parent whom are no longer alive… I found Protech Data Recovery and they were able to recover all my data that I thought was gone. I highly recommend their services. They were friendly, helpful, and easy to communicate with.
  • Sharon Terry
    The service was incredibly professional, fast and friendly staff. I lost hopes to recover my data, but they did it! The price was significantly lower than the one I would've paid normally. Service was fast, I had my data back in a week. Very satisfied customer…thanks guys!
  • Gloria Thompson
    I had a LaCie hard drive that was hit with a power surge during a major thunderstorm. After pulling the drive, trying it in another enclosure… having no success in getting the drive to spin up. A friend suggested Protech Data Recovery, so I sent the drive off to them praying that they could help. A few days later, I received a call with great new, they got all the data! They requested a day to transfer the data to a new hard drive and to ship it back the following day. So 2 days later I received my data. I am grateful that all my data was recovered and intact. These guys know their stuff and have great customer service.
  • Brenda Arlington
    Very impressed with Protech Data Recovery, they kept me in the loop from start to finish. I shopped around, but in the end, there was no comparison. Even though the recovery turned out to be more difficult than expected, 7 days later as promised, I received 100% of my data back at no additional cost! There flat fees are amazing. Paul was very helpful and kept me calm through this process. Thank you, Paul and your team for come through!
  • Donald Wilson
    We are a small business using Quickbooks on a daily basis. When our computer went on the fritz, we search for data recovery and these guys came up with good review…Without hesitaion we call. We were up an runing in 48 hours thank to the protech team...they were everything we read online!
  • Anne Willing
    I am so happy I found this service!! Paul is a very professional, kind and helpful person. In less than 24 hrs I had my data recovered. I highly recommend them. Thank you!
  • Sofie Lerence
    Thank you everyone at Protech! I just received my hard drive back with 100% recovery! My 500GB of data were still organized in the way I originally had it! Everyone was a pleasure to work with over there. The customer service was great, was always called with progress updates! I highly recommend the Protech Data Recovery and would definitely use them again if ever I’m in need of data recovery services!
  • Sheila Kelley
    Our server went down over the weekend after a power outage that lasted longer than the battery backup. Protech Data Recovery was able to recover and restore all the company data shares in a timely manner. This was a RAID Server with (10) 2TB hard drives…were talking a ton of data! It wasn't cheap, but it's worth every penny. Protech had our server and data back to us in four days. I would not hesitate to choose Protech for your data recovery needs. They were also very responsive with great communication. Nice to know there are still companies out there that truly care. Thanks a million.
  • Carol Ramage
    I didn’t think customer service existed like this anymore. Excellent communication and professionalism. Not inexpensive, but how do you put a price on your data, files, photos, original music?
  • Albert Johnson
    After a failed attempt to recover data on a drive with a local shop, our online research led us to Protech Data Recovery, and they were great to work with! They were very easy to communicate with, very patient with answering my many questions, and best of all, they were able to get a full recovery! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a frustrating data loss situation!
  • Susie Hamilton
    Dropped off my MacBook that Apple refused to touch, and Paul recovered my data before I even drove into my driveway! He also honestly advised me about the purchase of data storage device for recovery. His prices are reasonable, and service is lightening fast! Good to know an honest computer service: we all need one!!
  • Ricardo Keller
    The Protech staff was great – friendly and knowledgeable. Their service was unbelievable fast. I highly recommend Protech Data Recovery for quality, professional, and most important, results!
  • Catherine Dozier
    My puppy chewed and damaged my usb flash drive that had photos of our vacation to Egypt on it. I found Protech data recovery on the internet. There prices were very reasonable, and I liked all their reviews on Yelp and Google. I sent them the damaged usb drive. Paul called me the morning it was received. Later that same day Paul called back to let me know they were able to recovery 100% of the photos. Paul was easy to deal with, knowledgeable and very caring. Thank you Paul.
  • Willie Peterson
    Had my work hard drive crash on me and need it repaired asap. Looking on Yelp to find a data recovery company. I found Protech Data Recovery and called them. I was told the type of service I needed, I had to send my hard drive to Sacramento California. I was not wanting to do that because there was work that needed to done in the next 3 days. They said they could do this, so I sent the hard drive. After 48 hours, I received a call that my hard drive was recovered. They setup dropbox and uploaded the important folder I needed right away for me, and mailed out the recovered data 2nd day back to me. My boss very was happy. I was happy. Thank you!
  • Tracey Johnson
    Great service provided by Protech data recovery team. My external LaCie hard drive crashed and they recovered 100% of my data in just 7 business days. Thank you.
  • Angelina Kelley
    Came in on Monday morning couldn't access my server. Friend recommended Protech. Sure enough they were able to recover the data in a few days, kept in touch with me during the whole process. Everything recovered, service exceeded my expectations. Would defiantly recommend.
  • Amy Riddle
    I originally sent my 2TB external hard drive to another data recovery company and was given a pretty high quote. I asked why such a high price and they could not give me an answer. When I asked what was wrong with the drive they simply replied with "firmware failure." Given the short responses, I felt the quote I was given was pretty high because they did not want to mess with it and the lack of customer service suggested that as well. I got my hard drive back, I called Protech Data Recovery, Paul gave me a best case and worst-case price. With no hesitation I sent it to Protech Data Recovery since they gave me what I felt was fair pricing. They quickly recovered all of the data and sent the recovered data back to me on the new hard drive I sent them. Everything worked as it should, once plugged into my computer, it opened and I could see all my files. Thanks for the confidence and knowing there are still reputable data recovery company’s still out there.
  • Brenda Carol
    I worked with Paul a year or so ago to get my hard drive recovered. After recovering my data, he gave me some really good advice on backing up so this wouldn’t happen to me gain. Did I listen, NO! Embarrassed, I called him anyway because I knew I could trust Protech to help me again. Plus, if they can’t get the data for any reason, they don’t charge anything. Another successful recovery. This one cost a bit more due to it being a larger hard drive. Can’t put a price on my many years of data…I’m so grateful to these guys. Again, thank you so much. You are my heros.
  • Julie Sparks
    I live in NJ and I dropped off my hard drive to 3 data recovery companies and nobody were able to recover my data. I found Protech data recovery on the web and mailed my drive to them. It look them 9 days to recover my data even though it had scratched platters, but they got almost everything back. They mailed external hard drive with data back to me.
  • Helma Butler
    Protech is my hero, they recovered all my data much earlier than the estimated time. I went with them because of the amazing reviews I read online. When I called, I found them to be very customer service oriented, professional, and reasonably priced. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound promising at first. I had to send my hard drive to California. They paid for and sent me a shipping label. They don’t charge if they can’t recovery any data, so I went with them. To my surprise, they got everything back…very happy with the outcome.
  • Evelyn Elliott
    There is a reason that the folks at the Apple Genius Bar refer their customers to Protech for data recovery. These guys are great. Fast, reliable service and great customer service. They kept me up to date every step of the way. They know their Mac stuff too. They were very adept with Pro Tools and familiar with the name scheme and filling system. So, when I received my data back on the new hard drive, it was plug and play. All my files and sound played flawlessly. I’m a happy camper. Many Thanks!
  • Nicole Burns
    Dealing with Protech data recovery was seamless, professional, and easy. From start to finish they communicated well and made me feel like a valued customer. They were also very knowledgeable and explained things very well, so I sent them my Mac external hard drive. They were able to recover 100% of my data. I highly, highly recommend Protech!!! Oh, they even gave me good advice on backing my data up in the further.
  • Stacie Buss
    My WD 8TB My Book backup drive and WD 8TB primary drive both will not boot/mount after a contractor blew out a fuse using his shop vac in my home office. In a panic, I searched the internet and found Protech Data Recovery. The technician I spoke with recommend the drives go to their lab in California, due to its their big parts house to. So generally, it’s a faster turnaround time. I agreed to send it, they paid for the shipping costs back and forth. In three days, I received a call that they were able to recover all the data on both hard drives, (the old drives themselves we not fixable). Two days later I had my new hard drives with the recovered data in my hands. Wow…what service! I defiantly recommend their fast services, fair pricing and by far great customer service. Thank you.
  • Donna Thompson
    These guys recovered all our server data within 72 hours, saving my company 100's of 1000's of man hours as to not having to reconstructed the many years of data. Very professional. Un believable price in comparison to over data recovery companies. I highly recommend Protech Data Recovery.
  • Christopher McCoy
    After shopping 3 data recovery shops, I finally gave Protech Data Recovery a shot. These guys approached the problem not only with professionalism but also real expertise, while the other shops weren't able to access my drive or were simply unprofessional. The price of course is night and day between a basic recovery and a more advanced firmware recovery like mine.
  • Christi Williamson
    I was referred to Protech Data Recovery though the Apple genius bar after Apple being unable to recover my MacBook files, music and photos. Protech makes the data recovery process and easy one. Their pricing for data recovery services are far more affordable then then their competition. They recovered my data in less than a week. Went back to the Apple genius bar and had them transfer the recovered data to my new MacBook Pro. Very happy, impressed with the customer service and fast turnaround.
  • Christina Nichols
    During the process I got a lot of comfort from Protech’s reviews. Also talked to Paul who was patient with me and very calming. There was no hesitation for me to send them my usb thumb drive. They were able to recover 100% of my data in just a few days! Once the data was recovered, Paul send me a dropbox link for me to download my files. Great service!
  • Adam Thomas
    I highly recommend Protech data recovery… There process was very simple and easy. All of my files and photos were recovered in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you…forever grateful.
  • Kristi Carr
    Paul was extremely thorough and professional, great customer service and follow through. Less than a week they called me with the good news. A few days later I received my data in the mail. I immediately checked it on my computer and it was exactly like it was on the old hard drive that trashed on me. Highly recommend Protech Data Recovery!
  • Jana Simmons
    We had years of work on our company computer which died on us without a warning. Protech Data Recovery managed to get all of our data back without making us feel bad for not backing up more frequently. They were very prompt and professional. They even set us up on an automated cloud backup system. They saved our life not to mention a lot of money. We use them now for all of our computer issues. We even purchased a few new systems from then and they did the setup and installation without a hitch, it was completely seamless. Finally, a company I can depend on. Their work is Excellent!!!
  • Carrie Green
    As soon as I heard the clicking on my hard drive startup, I knew I was in trouble. I was referred to Protech Data Recovery, so I shipped them my drive. A week later I had my data back! I was called 2 or 3times with updates as the progressed. Defiantly an A+ for the customer service!
  • Janis Kennedy
    My external hard drive failed, and I lost 10 plus years of data. I didn't hold out much hope for recovery, but Protech data recovery was able to retrieve everything. Paul was very professional, called me almost every day with an updated. They weren’t sure if they were going to get everything because the drive was imaging slower than normal due to a lot of bad sector on the disk. In the end they got everything. I could tell they had to work extra hard on my drive and the price remain the same.
  • Vincent Hanson
    Protech Data Recovery has retrieved my western digital drive that had water damage due to a plumbing issue in my home office. I am so happy… I thought I lost all my important data files, prescription lists, tax returns, music and pictures forever but they were able to get it all back for me. Great customer service, fair price, quick recovery. Thank you Protech!
  • Kenneth Millan
    I am a photographer who sells my work and depend on all my files. When my 4TB external hard wouldn't connect with all of my latest image files, I was beyond freaked out. I found Protech Data Recovery in my research and I am so happy I did. Within days, they reviewed my hard drive, figured out what was wrong and restored EVERYTHING, in perfect working order. Everyone I spoke with was wonderful to work with. They were patient in explaining what was wrong. It was an expensive lesson to learn but it was worth every penny. I recommend Protech Data Recovery for all recovery services.
  • Norman Turner
    Above and beyond any expectations. Our NAS drive died with critical data in it. Usually losing 2 drives in a RAID 5 spells doom, but Paul and his team assured me that they will their very best to recover as much data as possible. And they did! We got above 97% of our files back. Thank you guys and while hopefully this doesn't happen again, if it ever does, Protech Data Recovery would be my first call!

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