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    Protech Data Recovery is among the most trusted and respected names in data recovery. Offering the fastest, most secure, highly confidential, dependable, and cost-effective data recovery services available in the market today.

    Restoring your data is what we do.

    Protech Data Recovery is a leading independent provider of data recovery services in the United States, renowned for its cutting-edge methods that can retrieve data from a wide range of media and removable digital devices. We have the experience, expertise, and capability to recover data from all media types regardless of format.

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Protech Data Recovery offers industry-leading data recovery services that are not only fast, secure, confidential, and reliable but also affordable for our customers.

Our expertise extends to recovering data from all types of brands, media, and operating systems. Regardless of whether your storage device has experienced logical, electrical, mechanical, or physical issues, we have the ability to retrieve any lost data. Our range of services caters to both individuals and businesses, covering everything from damaged hard drives to the restoration and reconstruction of RAID arrays.

Here are a few of the services we can help you with right now:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • RAID Server Recovery
  • NAS Network Drive Recovery
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Memory Stick Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery
  • iPad Tablet Recovery
  • Digital Tablet Recovery
  • Smart Phone Data Recovery
  • Digital Photo Card Recovery
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Flashcards; SmartMedia and CompactFlash
  • And Much More

We offer a diverse array of data recovery options and services, available to assist you no matter when or where you need us. Our skilled team of data recovery experts has extensive experience addressing crashing issues, software-related problems, and device failures.

Protech Data Recovery services today stands as one of the leading companies of data recovery today. Our advanced techniques and technology help recover inaccessible data from nearly all types of removable devices used in your computer system. Our enhanced customer – company relation offers you quick response and positive replies to your queries.

For a complete list of our data recovery services for individuals and businesses alike visit our Data Recovery or RAID Data Recovery tabs at the top of our website.


We Never Charge a Diagnostic Fee – No Up-Front Cost – No RISK!

Protech Data Recovery provides individuals and businesses alike with the swiftest, most secure, confidential, dependable, and cost-effective data recovery services available.

We recover lost and/or inaccessible data from all types of media devices, such as internal and external hard drives, usb flash drives, and memory sticks, regardless of which operating system, Mac, Windows, or Linux, you use. We offer competitive pricing in the industry for retrieving lost data from a variety of smart phone models, and our no data, no charge policy provides additional assurance.

ONE RATE fees;

  • Hard Drives – $285 (covers 85% of all hard drive cases)
  • USB flash Drives – $95 or $285 (based on type of service required)
  • Memory Sticks – $95 or $285 (based on type of service required)
  • Smart Phone – $385 (flat-rate)
  • iPhone – $385 (excludes iPhone 10 and above which is $685)

Protech Data Recovery has assisted numerous individuals and businesses with data recovery services. We are dedicated to guiding you through this distressing situation and take great satisfaction in doing so. Our team of data recovery service experts are committed to making every effort to retrieve your data. If we are unable to recover your data, there will be no charge for our services!

In most cases (over 97% of them), using correct procedures, data can be recovered from defective or inaccessible storage device. A desperate action to remedy a data loss issue can often compound the problem, with a serious possibility of causing irreversible data loss.

Data recovery tasks for both individuals and businesses are given top priority, with the majority of cases being resolved in under 24 hours. High Success Rate – We average over a 90% success rate. We restore data where other IT professionals or leading data recovery companies have failed or turned down the job.


Lost Your Data? Need Your Data Now? Don’t Panic – Whether it’s personal or business data, we completely understand the urgency for our client’s when valuable data is inaccessible, corrupted or lost. We provide fast, reliable emergency services for hard drive recovery, RAID recovery and other specialized services.

We are committed to providing individuals and businesses alike with the best service and a specialized data recovery tech who will work 24/7 to get your files recovered and back to you as quickly as possible. Individuals and businesses can rely on our rapid data recovery and file restoration services to address data loss emergencies caused by a range of issues, including viruses, accidental deletion, formatting errors, media corruption, file system damage, mechanical or electrical failures, and more.

Regardless of your media type or operating system, our data recovery specialists can quickly recover our client’s data fast, securely and in a confidential manner. We handle all cases as urgent and do not impose extra charges for urgent cases during regular business hours in the majority of instances.


We are considered to be one of the most reliable and experienced hard drive recovery providers in the industry. We have the ability to safely, quickly, and confidentially retrieve our customers’ data using the most cutting-edge data recovery tools available.

Data loss does not have to be permanent. We utilizes established industry techniques to retrieve your lost data. Our goal is to offer the swiftest, most secure, and dependable data recovery service, catering to your needs. We average over a 90% success rate and have a no data, no charge policy! Yes, that means if for any reason we are unable to recovery your data, there is no charge to you. Call and speak directly with a data recovery specialist today and see just how hassle free data recovery can be for all our client’s.


Protech Data Recovery’s strong reputation for top-notch data recovery remains intact as we expand. Even in cases where other companies have been unsuccessful in recovering your data, you can rest assured that a Protech Data Recovery specialist will make every effort to achieve a complete recovery.

Offering both individuals and businesses alike fast results and reliable turnaround service 24/7, all for the best price in the industry, lowest price guaranteed.


Affordable Pricing: individuals and businesses, call us 24/7 to request a quote. Data recovery pricing is calculated based on your media type, capacity and circumstances of failure. Our ONE RATE fees for both individuals and businesses allows to have the best pricing and is backed by our lowest price guarantee.

Free Evaluation and Diagnostics for residents and businesses: Protech Data Recovery provides free evaluation and diagnostics for you right over the phone, there’s no wait time. We do our best to diagnosis the issue with the information you provide us while on the phone. Our recovery specialists will always give you pricing for both the best case and worst case scenarios so you can decide what you want to do. Once we physically have the media, and let’s say it turns out to be the worse case… you can simply choose not to move forward… we just give you your media back and you owe us nothing. We can do this because of our ONE RATE Fees. Unlike other data recovery companies which use a tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 approach. There are no strings or hidden fees attached.

No Data, No Charge: Protect Data Recovery follows a strict no recovery, no charge policy. Which means there’s no risk to you and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You only pay if were successful in recovering your data, period.

Recovery from Any Type of Media: We are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses with the recovery of data from various storage devices. Our expertise extends to retrieving data from media affected by logical, electrical, mechanical, and physical issues. For a complete list of our data recovery services visit our Data Recovery or RAID Data Recovery tabs at the top of our website.

So, choose us for our high success rate, fast turnaround time, best pricing, our many years of experience and our unbeatable customer service. We will not disappoint you.

“Lost data” is one of those modern day problems which compel you to find a data recovery specialist which means no lesser than a knight in shining armor. The crucial reliance on stored data in systems is the reason why emergency data recovery services are highly valued by professionals. This field encompasses a wide range of needs, including hard drive, online backup, Mac, PC, and removable drive data recoveries such as flash drive and raid recovery.

It is not very often that once you start a search you will land in the right place very soon, so it is wise to keep an account of all those reputed and best data recovery services in case of emergency. Protech Data Recovery is one of those which ensure individuals and businesses the best results and secure data recovery.

The lowest prices quoted for data recovery services promises affordable data recovery. Protech Data Recovery offers comprehensive solutions to individuals and businesses, catering to a wide range of system issues such as PC data recovery, laptop data recovery, and removable data recovery. Data loss can occur due to various reasons, including accidental shutdowns, deletions, or hardware malfunctions. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of both external and internal hard drive operations is essential when addressing data recovery challenges. Our team at Protech Data Recovery comprises experts well-versed in the workings of major hard drive brands such as Samsung, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba, and others. This enables us to effectively address diverse causes of data loss for residents and businesses – from mechanical errors to water or heat damage, electrical failures or virus attacks – with the necessary expertise and precision. It is recommended to engage professional services for data recovery as amateur attempts can diminish the chances of successfully recovering lost data.

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